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Deadworld Comics

The Deadworld comics 1st series were first published by Arrow Comics in 1986 with issues 1-9 continued by Deadworld comics issues 10 thru 26 published by Caliber Comics. Deadworld comics quickly became a cult favorite with its cover artwork images of gory zomibies. The story of Deadworld series follow survivors in a post-apocalyptic setting dealing with zombie attacks. The graphic horror of flesh eating zombies in Deadworld comics and what the remaining humans do trying to survive makes an intense storyline. The zombie leader in the Deadworld comics series is King Zombie, who is not only intelligent but on a mission. Deadworld comics covers were highly regarded which featured gory depictions of the undead. Caliber Presents featured Deadworld in several issues. Other zombie comics series were Zombie World. Caliber Comics had many popular comics series such as The Realm, Kabuki comics, Sherlock Holmes, The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, Renfield A Tale of Madness,  Fringe Comics, Silencers comics, Young Dracula. Back to Indies Comics List

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