Comics Name H

On this page is an index of comic book characters or back issues of comics series beginning with letter H such as Hell Spawn, Hellshock, Hitman comics, Hellraiser and House of Secrets. The listings will take you to our pages with back issue comics images, comics available and the prices.

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The Hacker Files


Hammer of God

Happy the Clown, Return of


Hard Boiled by Frank Miller



Harrowers Clive Barker's

Hari Kari  1995 series

Hari Kari Private Gallery

The Harlequin

Harry The Cop

Hardware Comics

Hate by Fantagraphics

Hawkman Annual

Havok and Wolverine Meltdown

Heart of Empire Steampunk Comics

Heart Throbs 1999 series

Hectic Planet



Hellboy Ghost

Hellboy Painkiller Jane

Hell Eternal

Hellina Cynder Comics

Hellraiser Clive Barker's

Hellraiser Summer Special

Hell's Angel Series

Hellshock 1994 Series

Hellshock 1997 Series

Hell Spawn

Hellstorm Prince of Lies

Hero Illustrated

High Adventure Dan Turner

High Voltage

Hitman 1996 Series


Homicide Dark Horse Comics

Horror in the Dark


House of Frightenstein

House of Secrets 1996 series


Hulk Smash 2001 Series

Incredible Hulk 1962 Series

Incredible Hulk 1999 Series

Hulk, Rampaging 1998 Series

The Hunt For Black Widow Judge Dredd

The Huntress

Hybrids 1993 series

Hybrids 1994 series

Hybrids The Origin

Clive Barker's Hokum and Hex

Clive Barker's Hyperkind