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On this page is an index of comic book characters or back issues of comics series beginning with letter I such as Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Igrat comics, Interview with the Vampire and Inferno comics. The listings will take you to our pages with back issue comics images, comics available and the prices.

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Image Two-In-One

Impulse Comics

Incredible Hulk Comics

Independence Day

Independent Voices

India Authentic

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and The Spear of Destiny

Indiana Jones and The Golden Fleece

Indiana Jones and The Sargasso Pirates

Industrial Gothic

The Infinity Crusade 1993 Series

In the Pit

Interview with the Vampire


Iron Man 1968 series

Iron Man 1996 series

Iron Man 1998 series

Iron Man Annuals

Iron Man Enter The Mandarin

Iron Man Bad Blood

Iron Man Iron Age

Iron Man Viva Las Vegas

Iron Man 2020

Iron Man What If?


I Saw It The Bombing of Hiroshima

It! The Terror from Beyond Space

Itchy and Scratchy Comics

It's Science with Dr. Radium