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On this page is an index of comic book characters or back issues of comics series beginning with letter J such as JTHM, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Judge Dredd  and Judge Anderson. The listings will take you to our pages with back issue comics images, comics available and the prices.

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Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga

Jack the Ripper Caliber

Jack The Ripper Eternity

Jaguar God -Sold

Jake Thrash

James Bond 007 Goldeneye -Sold

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday

Jay & Silent Bob 1998 series

Jay & Silent Bob Chasing Dogma

Jazz -Sold

Jeremiah Harm

Jimmy Corrigan

Jinx Torso Comics


JLA 1997 Series

JLA Paradise Lost

JLA Showcase Giant

JLA Tomorrow Woman

Justice League 1987 Series

Justice League Europe 1989 Series


Joe Psycho + Moo Frog

John Bolton Halls of Horror

John Mueller's Oink Heaven's Butcher

John Mueller's Oink Blood and Circus -Sold

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics -Sold

Johnny Nemo Magazine

Joker/Mask comics

Jonah Hex Shadows West -Sold

Joshua Pure Evil


Judge Anderson 1990 series, PSI

Judge Anderson, Psi Files -Sold

Judge Anderson Endgames PSI

Judge Death, Young Death -Sold

Judge Dredd 1983 series Eagle Comics

Judge Dredd 1986 series Fleetway Quality

Judge Dredd, 2000 A.D. Monthly 1985 Eagle series

Judge Dredd, 2000 A.D. Monthly 1986 Eagle series

Judge Dredd 2000 A.D. Presents 1985 series

Judge Dredd America -Sold

Judge Dredd Armitage -Sold

Judge Dredd Batman Die Laughing -Sold

Judge Dredd Batman Judgment on Gotham

Judge Dredd Batman Vendetta in Gotham -Sold

Judge Dredd Batman The Ultimate Riddle -Sold

Judge Dredd by Bisley -Sold

Judge Dredd's Crime File 1985 series

Judge Dredd's Crime File 1989 series

Judge Dredd, Dredd Rules

Judge Dredd's Hardcase Papers -Sold

Judge Dredd The Early Cases

Judge Dredd Emerald Isle -Sold

Judge Dredd The Hunt For Black Widow

Judge Dredd The Judge Child Quest

Judge Dredd The Law of Dredd

Judge Dredd Legends of the Law

Judge Dredd Lobo Psycho Bikers vs. Mutants

Judge Dredd Mean Machine -Sold

Judge Dredd Mega-Special-Sold

Judge Dredd Megazine

Judge Dredd Movie Adaptation

Judge Dredd Necropolis Dredd and Buried

Judge Dredd Raptaur -Sold

Judge Dredd Red Razors -Sold

Judge Dredd vs Aliens -Sold

Judge Dredd vs Predator


Judgment on Gotham, Batman Judge Dredd

Judgement Day

Juggernaut -Sold


Junction 17

The Jungle Classics Illustrated

Jurassic Park

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