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On this page is an index of comic book characters or back issues of comics series beginning with letter S such Sam & Twitch, Sherlock Holmes, Spawn comics, Sin City comics, Star Wars and Spider-Man. The listings will take you to our pages with back issue comics images, comics available and the prices.

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Sabretooth 1993 Series

Sabretooth 1994 Series

Sabretooth In the Red Zone

Sad Sack and the Sarge

Sade comics -Sold

Saga of The Realm

The Saga of Ra's Al Ghul

Saint Tail

St. George

Sam and Max Freelance Police

Sam & Twitch Comics

Sam & Twitch Case Files


Sandman 1989 Series

Sandman Mystery Theatre


Safety-Belt Man All Hell

Satanika comics -Sold

Satan's Six Comics

Savage Dragon comics

Saviour comics -Sold


Scary Godmother Bloody Valentine Special

Scatterbrain comics

Scarlet Crush comics

Scarlet Spider comics -Sold

Scavengers Judge Dredd


Scimidar Book II

Scorched Earth

The Scythe


Second Life of Doctor Mirage

The Secret Agent Classics Illustrated

Secret Avengers 2010 Series

The Secret Defenders 1993 Series

Secret Origins

Secret Weapons

Sensational Spider-Man

Sensational She-Hulk Comics

Serenity comics -Sold

Sergio Aragones' Boogeyman

Sergio Aragones' Groo


Serpentina comics -Sold

Seth Throb Underground Artist

7 Brothers

Sex Warrior

Sgt Rock Comics


Shade The Changing Man

Shadowhawk comics

Shadow Hunter



Shadowmen -Sold

Shadow Play

Shadow Riders 1993 Series

The Shadow Strikes Comics

Shaman's Tears

Shape Shifter Blood Moon Social Club

Sensational She-Hulk 1989 Series

She-Hulk 2005 Series

She-Hulk Sensational 2010 One-shot

She-Hulk Thing The Long Night

Sherlock Holmes 1988 series

Sherlock Holmes A Case of Blind Fear

Sherlock Holmes Cases of

Sherlock Holmes in The Sussex Vampire

Sherlock Holmes of the 30s -Sold

Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of The Musgrave Ritual

Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Naval Treaty 

Sherlock Holmes A Scandal in Bohemia 

Sherlock Holmes Copper Beeches -Sold

Sherlock Holmes Return of the Devil 

Sherlock Holmes Dr Jekyll & Mr. Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Reader


Shi: Heaven and Earth -Sold

Shi: Senryaku Crusade

Shi: Way of The Warrior

Shi: The Series 1997  

Shi: Kaidan -Sold

Shi: Rekishi

Shi: Manga 2000

Shi: Black, White & Red

Shi: East Wind Rain

Shi: Masquerade

Shi Cyblade: The Battle for Independents

Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother

Shi Daredevil None Are so Blind

Shi Pandora's Box Avatar comics -Sold

The Shield

Shiloh The Devil's Own Day

Skin Thirteen

Shock Suspenstories

Shotgun Mary 1995 series 

Shotgun Mary 1998 series

Shotgun Mary Blood Lore

Shotgun Mary Deviltown -Sold

Shotgun Mary Shooting Gallery -Sold

Shotgun Mary Son of the Beast -Sold

Showcase 93

Showcase 94

Showcase 95


Sideshow Comics

Siege 2010 Series


Silencers Comics

Silent Invasion

Silky Whip Extreme

Silver Age Challengers of the Unknown

Silver Age Doom Patrol

Silver Scream

Silver Sable

Silver Surfer 1987 Series


Simpsons Comics

Simpsons Comics Presents -Sold


Sin Comics

Sin City comics

Sin City Hell and Back comics

Sin City Family Values TPB

Sin City The Big Fat Kill TPB

Sin City A Dame To Kill For TPB -Sold

Sin City Theat Yellow Bastard TPB

Sin City 1st Edition


Sisters of Darkness -Sold

Sisters of Mercy comics

Sizzle Theatre


Skin Graft The Adventures of a Tattooed Man

Skip Williamson Naked Hostility

Skunk #Tree

Slaine The Berserker

Slaine The Horned God-Sold

Slash Northstar -Sold

Slave Labor Stories

Sleazy Scandals of the Silver Screen

Sleepwalker 1991 Series

Sliders Ultimatum


Smiley The Psychotic Button comics -Sold


Snake Woman 2006 Series

Snake Woman Curse of the 68

Snake Woman Tale of the Snake Charmer

SnowMan Avatar comics

SnowMan comics

SnowMan Entity comics


Solo Avengers 1987 Series



Something Different

Son of Celluloid Clive Barker's -Sold


Soulsearchers and Company

Sovereign Seven comics


Space: Above and Beyond


Spawn comics 

Spawn Batman

Spawn Bible

Spawn Blood & Salvation

Spawn Blood & Shadows

Spawn Blood Feud comics

Spawn Movie Premiere

Spawn Movie Adaptation

Spawn The Book of Souls -Sold

Spawn, The Curse of Spawn

Spawn Toy Comics

Spawn The Dark Ages

Spawn Hell Spawn

Spawn Impaler comics

Spawn Medieval Witchblade

Spawn the Undead

Spawn WildC.A.T.S

Special Hugging

Species comics

Spectacular Spider-Man comics

New Adventures of Speed Racer Now Comics

Spellbinders Quality Comics

Spellbinders 2005 Series Marvel

Spicy Tales 1988 series

Spider-Man 1990 Series

Spider-Man 2099 comics

Spider-Man and X-Factor

Spider-Man Chapter One

Spider-Man Gen13 comics

Spider-Man Lethal Foes comics

Spider-Man Lost Years comics

Spider-Man Maximum Clonage comics

Spider-Man Mutant Agenda comics

Spider-Man Peter Parker

Spider-Man Quality of Life comics

Spectacular Spider-Man

Sensational Spider-Man

Spider-Man Special Edition Wizard Comics - Sold

Spider-Man Universe comics

Spider-Man Unlimited comics

Spider-Man Web of Doom

Spider-Woman comics

The Spirit The New Adventures

Spirit of the Tao comics

Splatter Northstar


Spring-Heel Jack

Spyboy comics


Squee comics -Sold


Stardust comics -Sold

Stargate Movie Adaptation


Starjammers comics

Star Trek 1980 Epic Series

Star Trek 1984 DC Series

Star Trek 1989 DC Series

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Malibu

Star Trek Special

Star Trek The Next Generation DC Series

Star Trek Starfleet Academy

Star Wars Crimson Empire -Sold

Star Wars Heir to the Empire

Star Wars Splinter of the Mind's Eye

Star Wars Dark Empire II

Star Wars Empire's End

Star Wars Boba Fett

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars Episode 1

Star Wars Classic comics

Star Wars A New Hope

Star Wars Tales of the Jedi

Star Wars Mara Jade

Steampunk Comics 2000 Series


Steel Claw -Sold

Stone comics

Storm 1996 Series -Sold

Storm and Illyana Series

Stormwatch comics

Strange Days


Strangers in Paradise comics

Strange Tales 1987 Series

Strangled Justice

Straw Men

Stryfe's Strike File

Strontium Dog 1985 series

Strontium Dog 1987 series



Sub-Mariner 1968 Series

Subtle Violents CFD -Sold

Suburban High Life

Suicide Squad Comics

Superboy Series

Supergirl Series

Superman 1987 Series

Superman, Adventures of

Superman Adventures

Superman in Action comics

Superman for All Seasons

Superman Death of Superman TPB

Superman King of the World

Superman Legends of DC comics

Superman Lois Lane Girlfrenzy!

Superman Man of Steel comics

Superman Man of Tomorrow

Superman 10 Cent Adventure 

Superman Speeding Bullets

Superman Villains

Superman VS Aliens comics

Superman Wedding Album -Sold

Supermen of America

Supermegatopia Roleplaying Game

Supernaturals Preview Tour Book




Super Villain Team Up

Sunglasses after Dark -Sold

The Swamp Thing 1982 Series

The Sword comics

Sword of the Atom Comics

Sword of Damocles

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