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On this page is an index of comic book characters or back issues of comics series beginning with letter T such as Tales of the Witchblade, Tank Girl 2, The Tenth comics, Transmetropolitan and Terminator. The listings will take you to our pages with back issue comics images, comics available and the prices.

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10th Muse



2000AD Prog British Weekly

2000 AD Monthly 1985 Eagle series

2000 AD Monthly 1986 Eagle series

2000 AD Presents 1985 Quality series  

2099 Manifest Destiny

2099 Unlimited 1993 Series

2099 World of Tomorrow

30 Days of Night


Taboux vampire series

Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad

Tales of Terror

The Tale of the Body Thief Anne Rice's

Tales of The Darkness

Tales of the Marvels

Tales of the Witchblade

Tales from the Outer Boroughs

Tales To Astonish

Tales to Offend

Tangent Comics

Tank Girl 1993 series Dark Horse

Tank Girl Odyssey 1995 Series

Tank Girl Movie Adaptation

Tao, Spirit of the

Tapping The Vein

Tarzan Mugambi

Tarzan vs Predator

Team 7 comics

Team America

Team Anarchy

Team Youngblood

Teen Titans

Tellos comics

Tekworld 1992 Series

The Tenth comics

Terminal City comics

Terminal Point

Terminator 1990 Dark Horse

Terminator 1998 Dark Horse

Terminator Endgame Dark Horse

Terminator Enemy Within Dark Horse

Terminator Hunters and Killers Dark Horse

Terminator Dark Years Dark Horse

The Terminator All My Futures Past Now Comics

Terminator 2 Nuclear Twilight Malibu Comics

Terminator 2 Cybernetic Dawn Malibu Comics

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Marvel Comics

Terror Inc. 1992 Series


They Call Me...The Skul

The Thing Fantastic Four

The Thing From Another World

Third World War

Thor 1966 Series

Thor 1998 Series

Threat 1986 Series


Thump'n Guts

Thunderbolts 1997 Series


Thunder God

Thunderstrike 1993 Series


The Tick comics

The Chroma Tick comics

The Tick Karma Tornado comics

Timber Wolf


Tigra 2002 Series

Tomb of Dracula

Tomb Raider's Lara Croft

Tomoe comics

Too Much Coffee Man

Tough Guys and Wild Women


Toxic Gumbo comics


Transformers 1984 Series

Transformers Universe 1986 Series

Transformers Generation 2 1993 Series


Travelers comics

Trenchcoat Brigade


Tribe comics


Triumphant Unleashed

Troll II comics


True Crime


Twilight Avenger 1988 series

Twilight Zone Vol.1

The Twilight Zone Vol 3

The Twilight Zone Vol 4

The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones