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Punisher comics

The Punisher War Zone and The Punisher War Journal are on this page. The Punisher comics volume 2 had 104 issues in the series which began in 1987. Marvel Comics also published the Punisher comics volume 3 in 2000 with 12 issues in the series. See also The Punisher Vol 2 1987 series, Punisher 2099 and The Punisher Vol 3 2000 series. The Punisher comics series character is a gritty and ruthless vigilante whose brutal nature and willingness to kill as acceptable crime-fighting tactics made him a popular character in Marvel Comics. The Punisher comics have had crossovers such as Wolverine and The Punisher Damaging Evidence. Steven Grant and Mike Zeck also worked on Damned Comics series.

X-Men comics series are Classic X-Men comics, X-Factor comics, Excalibur comics, X-Man comics, X-Force comics, Cable comics, Gambit comics and Wolverine comics. Other Marvel Comics are Amazing Spider-Man comics, Spiderman comics 1990 series, Iron Man comics, The Punisher comics, Ghost Rider comics and Daredevil comics.  Marvel Comics Index List

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