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Thor Comics Bulk Lots

Thor 1st series comics issues #451 thru #500 and Thor Annuals are on this page. Thor #387-450 The first comics series of Thor appearance was Journey Into Mystery #83 in 1962. Journey Into Mystery was retitled in 1966 with issue #126 to Thor in the indicia and The Mighty Thor on the cover title. Marvel Comics ran the first series of Thor thru 1996 ending with issue #502 where it was again Journey Into Mystery with issue #503. Thor was a member of The Avengers superheroes team. See also Thor 1998 Series, Avengers 1963 series , Dark Avengers, Dark Reign Young Avengers, Mighty Avengers, West Coast Avengers 1984 series, West Coast Avengers 1985 series, West Coast Avengers Annuals.

Other Marvel Comics are Captain America, Hulk Comics, She-Hulk Comics and Wonder Man, Iron Man comics, Amazing Spider-Man comics, Spiderman comics 1990 series, The Punisher comics and Daredevil comics. Marvel Comics Index List

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